Example of a risk landscape

The risk assessment should include all internally available information, such as internal findings of the incoming inspection and own or known incidents in with the overall assessment. Important are also the internal assessment of all external messages from clients or official complaints. With SAFEFOOD-ONLINE, the company receives the results on the selected specific scenario.
Practical examples demonstrate the usefulness of the preventive evaluation of all available information to assess potential risks. This information shows the company to the results of the selected scenarios, which must now be interpreted differently. For the chosen scenario, multiple fields are linked. In this case, both "and" and "or" links are combined. Depending on the selected combination, the results obtained for the selected scenario are displayed in a risk environment.
By clicking on the results in the risk environment can change views by year, source of danger or manufacture can be chosen. The results show the frequency depending on the impact. The calculations are performed with a stored algorithm, which always draws on all available data (known hazards). By adding and updating new records a selected scenario will change afterwards.

An attached list shows all available details. The type of display with SAFEFOOD-ONLINE is variable and can be customized directly on the screen by clicking the appropriate boxes and results processed.

The variation in the likelihood from unlikely to often is a result from the number of mentions of the hazard from the database compared to all entries. For orientation, the numbers of hits in the risk landscape are mentioned.
The effect of insignificant to very critical is calculated mainly on the type of message. Of particular importance are in descending order, warning, information, border rejection, and finally the inquiry. An algorithm is deposited by means of pre-calculated points of the risks and grouped them into a specific field from A1 to E5.

Empty fields mean that was not determined on the basis of known or available data do not risk it.
Several examples of the nature of risk can be determined in the trial.

It is recommended to periodically retrieve the data from SAFEFOOD-ONLINE. This is the only way to be constantly updated.


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