What does the database SAFEFOOD-ONLINE?

The results of a web-based query are displayed in a risk landscape with recommended instructions. The type of display with SAFEFOOD-ONLINE is variable and can be customized directly on the screen by clicking the appropriate boxes and results processed. Those who are interested can view examples in the function “Trial”.

The analyses of results and the identification of risk based on the frequency of entries relative to the number all entries. Thus, the likely impacts are presented.

In the risk matrix can be classified as a rule more specific risks and displayed. The mutual relationships and dependencies can be identified by interrogation of other available information such as country of origin, affected food, hazard, year and the type of notification. This information will help to assess the results, which are determined by a predetermined algorithm. The current database can be viewed directly on the homepage.

By constantly updating and expansion of data, including the RASFF, ensures that the generated risk landscapes always make the latest knowledge on food safety included and useful. The database provides notifications on food, feed and materials for food contact. These data are analyzed according to various options.


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