Query for known hazards

The inquiry is under the menu item "SEARCH". By entering the terms in the AND and / or OR array can be selectively searched (see the further information in the Help function). Any number of words can be combined. The individual terms are entered only by spaces, no comma or other character. Alternatively or additionally, the data from given product categories and / or hazard categories are selected. For more information on product categories and risk categories to get when you open the drop box. The query can be done with all available data or be limited by the three large groups only selectively to the data of "food", "feed" and / or "food contact" to be accessed. "Find" by clicking the button starts the query and the results are presented on a given risk matrix. In the dropdown box “output” year, the country of origin, hazard or food are set in advance. After the first query also subsequently the new scenario can calculated quickly (e.g. the change of hazard to the country of origin, food or year).

In the "SEARCH" at any time by clicking the Add menu, select a particular hazard, a country of origin or a food to be added from the list. Individual fields in the risk landscape can be further reduced by clicking on the fields in the search. The constraints are then automatically in the AND field and the results are in the risk matrix recalculated.

Concerning the selection of years can be retrieved one or more years.

When clicking on the feature "Evaluate their own data with”, all user-specified data sets included in the overall evaluation.

In cases that certain terms should be excluded from the query, those terms can be entered in the box “Exclude”. The individual terms are entered only by spaces.

The results are calculated and a risk matrix associated with a field of A1 to E5 (see also the discussion under the theme Example of a risk environment).

Sorting and hiding of records
Below a list of the risk matrix is attached showing the details can be retrieved with each match. When you click the fields “year”, “message”, “food”, “hazard” and “country of origin” can be quickly sorted the entries again. In the column "Show" it is possible to individual records by removing the check to discriminate. At the end of the list can then "upgrade" by pressing the button, the selected scenario will be recalculated (see example below).

Creating a Trend Statistics
It can also made to the query yet a trend statistics are created. Here it is possible to individually select the period.

When building the trend statistics, there are the following:
a) query for all the years (such as in the following shown from 2003-2010): Pressing the button "trend hazards" the output graph shows the trend over the years selected as a line graph. Depending on preference, several trend statistics can created “year”, “country of origin” “food” or hazard. On the x-axis is always displayed for each year, only one value (see example).

b) Request of individually selected periods of time: "choose more details" After clicking in the output graph the monthly details are taken into account. On the x-axis are reported each year 12 values (see example). Using the legend, the individual colors in the graphics are easily assigned.


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